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Middle East Desk Islamic and Finance

Seeks the advice aims at the investor in the Asian and the Middle East market and that too in Singapore? You cannot have to look. Expats Rental is its type first property consultant was discovered caters to the Asian and the Middle East investor's need Singapore. We have the outstanding explanation maximization in expats rental our customer return in the real estate.

Will draw up likes us the Islam investor's plan will be any we aims does through ours Middle East desk and the Islamism financial service. Mounts attaches to the syariah principle is any we must intensely follow, when plans financial investment for ours Islam customer.

The Islamism bank service and the bank structure, provide the Islamism bank service product and the service, needs to establish the shaiah inquiry board. This guarantee, the bank service and the activity obeys the shariah principle.

When it arrives the Islamism bank service, it is necessary observes obeys the Islamism the legal bank service system (sharia) the principle and equally to guide by the Islamic economy. According to the Islamism law, is the usury collection and the payment benefit are forbidden in the loan. This lecture also is called riba together in the Islam.

Except that outside this Islamism law forbids the investment in the enterprise according to the original design to think is illegal or haraam. The very great quantity Islamism bank creates in 20th century period, caters to the special bank service market.

Although the Islamism bank service follows the bank service the conventional form but it is conforms to the rule with shariah, by "fiqh al muamalat famous", mentions the Islamism the rule in the transaction. The share profit and the loss are the Islamism bank service basic principle. Some common Islamism concepts are used in the Islamism bank service are the safekeeping of security (wadiah), the profit sharing (mudharabah), the joint capital enterprise (musharakah), the expense adds on (murabahah) and to hire (ljarah).

Establishes the sound financial organ and the market basic request is creating a suitable law, the tax and the institutional framework. The Islam has it frame for the implementation trade and the financial contract and the transaction.

We develop the real estate project in www.expatsrental.com, mainly for new Islamism structure and instrument. It negotiable securities support which supports by the Islamic property.

Our team is the foreign investor provides including the big area service and the company in www.expatsrental.com. We provide advised and aids to our customer is gaining the new property. Processes the existing property and the stock list for ours customer is quite a challenge for us. We and identify the suitable loan artificial our customer for the innovation finance structure and handling. When it arrives provides the advisory service our customer completely always to depend upon www.expatsrental.com.

Is welcome by the increase in the developer and the investor, our service will grow in www.expatsrental.com.


Mindy Yong 杨雯诗

CEA Registration Number : R021232Z

(+65) 91002985



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